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Do you want to start selling on Teachers pay Teachers your own resources but don’t want to spend on Clipart? Do you think you have a drawing talent and you can start selling your own graphics? Would you like to have the exact image you need in just minutes?

If any of these questions have a positive answer in your case, this online course is designed for you. This comprehensive course provides best practices, how-to instructions, and advices from a successful clipart seller who've turned their ideas into significant revenue streams.

In this course, you'll learn how to overcome the problems holding you back from making your own clipart, including:

•How to hand draw using a Tablet
•Coloring your drawing
•Saving each image, optimizing for printing

What You'll Get

•Videos with actionable insights and tactics

•Tips and tricks from an experienced Clipartist

What do you need?

1. Download the VideoCourse (here)

2. A tablet. I use Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 with Android. But you can use an iPad.

3. A stylus pen, I recommend this one:

4. A drawing app for your tablet. I use Layer Paint for Android, but you can use one of these for iPad (Only need to export transparent png files):
See this blog post for more apps

*Please note: I teach how to work on Layer Paint App. If you choose another app you need to know how to use it. I can’t teach how to use other apps.

5. A computer (Desktop or laptop)

6. Installing this software in your computer: Inskcape

Also: Basic computer skills are required, like open, move and save documents. We don’t teach that in this course.



  1. Hi Oxana. Does your course have to be taken at certain times or are we able to access it at our own convenience?

    1. You have 1 month to access the Learning platform with all the material and my constant support. You can enter the platform all the times you need at any time of the day during that month. If you need to extend that period we can talk it.

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  3. I really want to take this course. Is it still offered?

    1. I will be offering it around May to start on June. Please check out this same url on May.


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