Friday, February 1, 2013

Any plans for this sunday?

I guess you will be doing some snacks to share with your friends and watching the game. That's fun!!
I'm a little crazy/restless/hate routine, so I'm thinking up some new ways to spend the Superbowl sunday....

Hubbies and kids love to watch the game. So, I better don´t count on them for my wild plans (hehe). I bet some of you girls will be like me, so here is a list of things to do besides being the cook/clean lady:

*Go for a walk/run. The streets are going to be alone at that time. You have the entire country for yourself!!
*Call your girlfriends and make a party in a public place like a beach/park/mall. For the same reason above.

It's too cold ouside?

*Just stay in your PJs, get your computer and some snacks, and go to your room. Close the door! And just make a new Pinterest board called "Superbowl wishlist". You deserve everything in the world, and pinning is like buying without a budget.

*Well, maybe after so much pinning you will want real and big satisfaction ...... hmmmm .....well .... I now from a reliable source there will be a BIG sale this sunday in TpT. Hubbie won't see you come home with lots of bags, so, he will be happy too (LOL).

clic here to go TpT

I would say please keep this between us, but I know you will want to share the secret with your friends, so feel free to do it.

How are you going to spend this sunday after all?

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