Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DIY sewing card for your students this Valentine's Day {FREE}

There are so many great ideas out there about lovely cards for  Valentine´s Day that I wanted to make one for my students too. But they will need to have a "learning purpose", so I thought in Sewing cards!!!

I made this 2 designs, I hope you like them. They are free for all my readers, so if you love them, just grab them by clicking the images:

You will need Embroi­dery thread and a needle, scissors and colors. 

Just print the images in card stock (it can be colored, or white for kids to color them). Cut along the outside line, and punch with a needle in the black spots. Now they are ready for the magic. The students will pick bright colors to fill the images and just start sewing.

It will be awesome if you make this project and let me see pictures of it. 

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