Thursday, August 2, 2012

Freebie and Computer center tips

In the computer center, management and routines must be practiced before you could shift the focus to learning content. Once you have your management strategies in place, the rest will be smooth sailing.

Here are some routines for you to teach first week of school:

 1. Use a word to get their attention and make them quit their hands from the keyboard/mouse. Some teachers preffer to make them put their hands in their heads. Now you have their complete attention to teach your topic. Also you can use a poster to remaind it.

 2. Find a helper. There are kids who have more practice with the computer, they can help you with other students in a computer issue. This makes management easier for you. This kid can also be aware for others to fill the "Computer Use Worksheet" and make sure they are following the rules. The Computer Police:
Grab this label for fee here

 3. When teaching a many steps lesson, students tend to forget the first steps. I use direction sheets like I read in this post.

  4. Is better to name things in the right way. I use posters and tags to label every part of the computer, so they can remember and learn it all. After a while I remove labels and students should know every computer part´s name. These labeled tags and posters are available in my Computer Center complete pack.

 5. There are other computer routines that must be taught, like the correct order to turn on and off the computer, how to save quit an USB stick, and the rules for using the computer and internet:

If you need a little help to set up your Computer Center I recommend you to purchase mi Computer Center Complete Pack where you wil find:
  • Computer passes 
  • Computer center Rules Poster 
  • Computer parts labels 
  • Computer numerated labels 
  • Computer use record sheet 
  • Keyboard shorcuts cards (with images aids) 
  • Blank labels 
  • Computer center sign 
  • Students login data form (2 different designs) 
  • Computer parts stamps 
  • Mousepad craftivity 
  • Directions and recommendations

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