Friday, July 20, 2012

Word family work- Da Vinci code cryptex

Make fun the word family search with this craftivity. The one who find more words wins a secret reward.

1.Cut by the edge lines. Let a little tab to glue it.

2.Cut by the dotted line. Be carefull to not lose the order.

3.Round a paper tube with each strip and glue it  in the tab. Make sure that the strip doesn´t stick to the tube.

4. Cut  2 paper cups in half.

5.Put any reward (like candies) inside the tube and insert the bottom of the paper cup in each side of the tube.

6.   Now the kids should complete the  Word search sheet and the one who find more words can get the price. You can do one criptex for all classroom or as many as you´d like, one for each team or each kid.

7.  They can make a list of finded words that  aren´t in the Word Search sheet.

The document includes:
Craftivity directions with pictures
2 diferent sheets to do the criptex
Word search sheet
Write it/draw it sheet

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