Monday, July 30, 2012

First day of school FREEBIE

This post is part of the Caring Classroom Link Up.

In my school, all students come together in the same classroom from the previous year, so, they know each other well. So, the main challenge I have to face is  learn their names, and I have a terrible memory.
So this is a fun game that works really great for me:

I print this blank face template and give one to each kid.

Clic to download the free template
Then I ask them to draw their own face (and hair) in it. After a while they must to give me the sheets and I have to guess who´s who. We always have a good time playing this game.

When we finish they can write their names in the sheets and stick them to the Bulletin Board and every time I forgot a name I just have to look to that wall.

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