Monday, July 30, 2012

First day of school FREEBIE

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In my school, all students come together in the same classroom from the previous year, so, they know each other well. So, the main challenge I have to face is  learn their names, and I have a terrible memory.
So this is a fun game that works really great for me:

I print this blank face template and give one to each kid.

Clic to download the free template
Then I ask them to draw their own face (and hair) in it. After a while they must to give me the sheets and I have to guess who´s who. We always have a good time playing this game.

When we finish they can write their names in the sheets and stick them to the Bulletin Board and every time I forgot a name I just have to look to that wall.

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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Olympics decoration ideas for your classroom

Are you thinking in have an Olympics Theme for your classroom? Well here you have lot of cheap and easy ideas.
Using 5 wreaths covered with color paper for doing the Olympics Flag. Source

Using colored paper plates for making a ring garland and medals. Source

ring paper chain. Source

A flag handprint wreath for your door. Source

An Olympic torch. Source

And do not forget that you can find an Olympics Clipart and a great Olympic Race Gameboard in my TpT store.

Friday, July 27, 2012

FREEBIE and all you need for the computer center

I worked all night in this product that is the ultimate resource for you to set up your Computer Center. 

Clic to download

You will find in this set:
  • Computer passes
  • Directions and recommendations
  • Computer center Rules Poster
  • Computer parts labels
  • Computer numerated labels
  • Computer use record sheet
  • Keyboard shorcuts cards (with images aids)
  • Blank labels
  • Computer center sign
  • Students login data form (2 different designs)
  • Computer parts stamps
  • Mousepad craftivity:

Please don´t go with your hands empty, grab this laptop for free to use it in your classroom. Enjoy! 
Clic to download

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

FREE boy and girl clipart

I'm testing a new style for cute kids. This set includes a boy and a girl, colored and line art. Feel free to use them in your products, freebies or for sale, just read the included terms of use.
clic to download

I'm giving this set for free and I'd really appreciate that you take the time to leave feedback. Thank you!!

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Olympic fever!!

I can´t wait any longer....All I can think about is in London 2012, I wish I could be there, but, you know ..... I can´t :(
But I do can bring the Olympic fever to my classroom with this superfunny gameboard:

My kids love it! It´s great for reviewing Math, Language Arts, Science and any other topic in a fun way. It can be played with all our classroom at the same time. 
The 39 pages pack includes:
*120 Question cards: Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and division. Spelling, antonym and synonym, plurals, riddles w/ answers and science questions.
*Blank question cards 
*3 tokens
*3 Medals
 *Medal´s chart 
*Game cardboard

 You can customize the cards to fit any subject.

Monday, July 23, 2012

FREEBIE: Olympics Golden medal

The Olympics are here!!! I´m so exited!!
I was talking with mi family about my favorite sports to see: swimming and atletism. Also enjoy baseball a lot.
What´s your favorite sport at the Olympics Games? That will be fun to play with the students.

Meanwhile you can grab this Free golden medal from my Olympics clilpart set:
clic here to download
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Super SALE: Only for today!!

Just for today I´m having a Super Sale with all this products. Please remember to leave feedback!

                                                                       ONLY $0.50
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Saturday, July 21, 2012

FREEBIE: a Doodle frame

Hi, readers, today I´m giving away this frame from my newest product Doodle Frames:
Feel free to download and use it in any document, free or for sale. ENJOY!!!
Free download in Google Drive- Clic here

If you like to have the complete pack with 50 doodle frames go my TpT store.

You may also like my Doodle papers

Friday, July 20, 2012

Rock stars theme giveaway

Enter this giveaway to win my ROCK STARS clipart + theme (22 frames and 16 colored papers) Can use for selling or free products.

Word family work- Da Vinci code cryptex

Make fun the word family search with this craftivity. The one who find more words wins a secret reward.

1.Cut by the edge lines. Let a little tab to glue it.

2.Cut by the dotted line. Be carefull to not lose the order.

3.Round a paper tube with each strip and glue it  in the tab. Make sure that the strip doesn´t stick to the tube.

4. Cut  2 paper cups in half.

5.Put any reward (like candies) inside the tube and insert the bottom of the paper cup in each side of the tube.

6.   Now the kids should complete the  Word search sheet and the one who find more words can get the price. You can do one criptex for all classroom or as many as you´d like, one for each team or each kid.

7.  They can make a list of finded words that  aren´t in the Word Search sheet.

The document includes:
Craftivity directions with pictures
2 diferent sheets to do the criptex
Word search sheet
Write it/draw it sheet

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday recommendations

Compound Words: Smartboard Lesson and QR Code Review Activity
This Smartboard lesson comes complete with learning goal and student rating scale, which will help the teacher monitor student progress. Students practice identifying, reading,and spelling compound words. Additionally, I have included one Compound Words Anchor Chart and one QR Code Review Worksheet. If your students love technology, then this is the product for you!

Contents Include:

1 Compound Words Smartboard File (8 pages)
1 Compound Words Anchor Chart (pdf)
1 Compound Words QR Code Review Worksheet (Requires an iPad, iPod Touch, or Android Device)

This Hundred Board starts with 1 in the lower left corner and moves "up". I developed this Hundred Board because I found that traditional boards seem counter-intuitive to some children. 
My "different" Hundred Board, directions for use, and sample activities with answers are included.

Excel in Math with Fact Families - Multiplication and Division
Help students master basic multiplication and division facts while building a solid foundation of number sense. Included is a list of the essential fact families and easy-to-use directions.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Human body foldable


1.Cut the side lefting stripes

2.Fold in half

3.Fold for the doted line

4.Now you have a book

5.Cut following the line

Ta da!

To download this template go to my TpT store.
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